Beer brewing often gives rise to problems of different kinds. The quality might not fulfil the specification or the production capacity is not as high as expected. In this course, we will introduce some general tools for solving of problems and go through some specific cases of troubleshooting. Examples of the general tools are Why-Why, Ishikawa, Prioritisation, Gant Chart and Pareto Analysis. We provide examples of more specific troubleshooting cases within microbiological and technical problems.

Who will benefit?
Technical staff and people in quality assurance from the brewing and beverage industry or related supplier/service organisations. People from large as well as small breweries and microbreweries can benefit from this course.

What is required?
We require a basic knowledge in beer brewing. You can bring your own cases, if you want to share with the other participants.

When, where and how much?
Two days at SSB in Copenhagen, please also refer to ‘Calendar & Prices’

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