Soft drink technology

Most larger breweries within the Nordic countries produce soft drinks in addition to beer. This course introduces the raw materials used in manufacturing of soft drinks together with product development and production processes. Course subjects will be functional drinks, sports- and energy drinks, water, sugars, syrups, sweeteners, flavours, colours, acids, preservatives, design of soft drinks, preparation of soft drinks incl. pre-mix and post mix, calculation of Brix in syrups, microbiology of soft drinks and quality control of soft drinks. All contents are presented by use of examples and exercises.

Who will benefit?
The target participants are technical staff from the brewing and beverage industries employed in product development or newly employed in production of soft drinks.

What is required?
No formal entry qualification is required. Teaching language is English.

When, where and how much?
Four days at the Scandinavian School of Brewing in Copenhagen including visits to a soft drinks plant and a flavour company. Please see ‘Calendar & Prices’

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