Diploma Master Brewer
Module 1 – Raw materials

The Master Brewer programme consist of six modules and forms a part of the master specialisation in ‘Brewing Science and Technology’ at Faculty of Science at University of Copenhagen. Students from the industry can take each module individually by applying directly to the Scandinavian School of Brewing.

This module focusses on the raw materials of the brewing process: barley, hops, water and adjuncts, together with the processes that these materials undergo prior to brewing. Therefore, the malting process, along with the biochemistry behind the raw materials, are thoroughly covered throughout this module.
The teaching is conducted in English.

Who will benefit from this course?
Technical staff from the brewing and beverage industry or related supplier/service organisations.

What is required?
SSB require a B.Sc. or M.Sc. in food science, chemical engineering, pharmacy, chemistry, biology, biotechnology or similar qualification.

When, where and how much?
The venue is University of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg Campus. Please also refer to Calendar and Prices for time and price.

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