Hops tour

This is a chance to investigate deeply into the world of hops. We will visit the Hops Museum in Wolnzach Experience the Hops harvest. Introduce you to new Hops Varieties and get to know the latest trends in new type Hops and learn how you can profit by these. During the course we will visit local breweries. On this tour you can experience authentic Bavarian Beer Culture and taste local beer. Since this tour is arranged as a mix of visits, exposure to what hops is and social activities, this course is well suited to bring your spouse.

Who will benefit?
Beer enthusiasts, wine and beer journalists, food bloggers, home brewers as well as technical staff from the brewing and beverage industries employed in product development.

What is required?
We recommend a basic knowledge of beer production, but it is not required.

When, where and how much?
Three days in Germany, please see ‘Calendar & Prices’

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