Beer Flavour Evaluation

Researchers have identified several hundred different flavours in beer. In this course, we will learn how to identify and describe some of the most common of these beer flavours. We will include positive as well as negative characters. We will demonstrate samples of various beers and flavours, and the participant will acquire first hand knowledge of flavour evaluation of beer. The course will include:

  • Recognition Tests, how to recognise and name important beer flavours
  • True / False Test, how to consolidate learning of the flavours
  • Stop/Go Test, how to apply learning to evaluate the market acceptability of packaged beer.

We will conclude the day by running a validation test, and successful participants will receive a certificate documenting successful recognition of the presented flavours.

Who will benefit from this course?
People involved in production and product development in breweries as well as beer judges, beer enthusiasts, beer journalists, beer bloggers, home brewers and others with interest in beer flavours.

What is required?
We recommend a basic knowledge of beer production, but it is not required. We suggest that you leaveyour car at home.

When, where and how much?
The course is held at SSB in Copenhagen. Please see ‘Calendar & Prices’

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