Beer brewing basics

Brewing of beer is more complex than most people realise. In this course, we will introduce you to brewing raw materials and beer brewing. During the course, we look at technology throughout the brewery, and we visit a brewery and make team exercises. Expect an intense course where you will get an understanding of the brewing process, including its many terms such as barley, malting, hops, water, brewhouse technology, brewer’s yest, microorganisms, fermentation, maturation, stabilisation, filtration, packaging technology, taste testing, beer styles, beer and health.

Who will benefit?
People from the brewing and beverage industry or related supplyer/servise organisations as well as beer enthusiasts, beer journalists, beer bloggers, home brewers and others with a keen interes in beer brewing.

What is required?
We require no technical background from brewing.

When, where and how much?
Three days at SSB in Copenhagen, please refer to ‘Calendar & Prices’.

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