Diploma Master Brewer

The SSB education programme for Diploma Master Brewer is the most in-depth and scientific based education SSB offer. The Master Brewer programme consist of six modules and forms a part of the master specialisation in ‘Brewing Science and Technology’ at Faculty of Science at University of Copenhagen. Students from the industry can take each module individually by applying directly to the Scandinavian School of Brewing, who is providing most of the education at University of Copenhagen.


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Technical staff from the brewing and beverage industry or related supplier/service organisations.


SSB require a Bachelor or a Master in food science, chemical engineering, pharmacy, chemistry, biology, biotechnology or similar qualification.

Quote by Annemarie Hartvig Jensen,
Manager TS EMA Brewing at Novozymes:
“With a background in pharma and many years of experience in the medical industry, I joined the first class of the collaboration between SSB and SCIENCE. The courses are marked by extreme professionalism, an intriguing international environment, and the very best lecturers. The combination of study, internships, and numerous excursions is, I feel, something very unique in the field.”

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