Certified Brewer

In this education, we train coming and present microbrewers the complete process from the raw materials barley, malt, hops,water and yeast into the finished beer – filtered or unfiltered. Cleaning, legislation, product development, calculations, taste testing, microscopy and bottling are subjects covered by specialist, who know the microbrewer profession. We will visit microbreweries to support the theory. As a part of the education you will make an individual project based on a specific problem in your own brewery ending with a report and an oral presentation. The teaching is conducted in English, but the project can be in Scandinavian or English.

The Certified Brewer runs over a period of 8 weeks. It is formed as a combination of a mandatory and an elective part, enabling the participants to form their own perfect mix of brewing knowledge and other skills, for example business administration or management.

The education consists of 6 modules:
• Raw Materials, 1 week
• Breewhouse, 1 week
• Fermentation, 2 weeks
• Beer Processing, 1 week
• Packaging, 2  weeks
• Utilities, 1 week

Who will benefit?
Diploma craft brewers as well as technical staff from the brewing and beverage industry or correlated supplier/service organisations.

What is required?
Thies educations requires as a precondition the Diploma Craft Brewer or similar and 6 months of pratical work in a brewery.

When, where and how much?
8 weeks at SSB in Copenhagen, please refer to ‘Calendar & Prices’.

 Read article in Scandinavian Brewers Review No 3 2017

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